Fashiongirl offers high quality tweezers with super good prices!

Tweezers can be used for many things, but it's important to use the right ones. We have a selection of tweezers including the classic tweezers, eyepiece tweezers, dumplings and precision tweezers. But do you know the differences between the different tweezers and do you know which one suits your needs? Read more about the different types of tweezers here.

Classic tweezers: A classic tweezer, often wide and rounded. It is super suitable for plucking eyebrows and removing other unwanted hair.

Eyelash Tweezers: You've probably seen it and thought, what the hell is this? Eyelash tweezers have a curved end and are a useful tool when applying fake eyelashes.

Blackhead Tweezers: Blackhead tweezers are both curved and pointed at the end. You can easily pierce black dots with this and then squeeze them out. This tool is much more hygienic than using your fingers. You avoid transferring bacteria from your fingers to the open wounds. At the same time, it is also gentle on the skin, avoiding scarring.

Precision Tweezers: If you want more precision, this tool is perfect for you. It has a pointed end and is perfect for removing ingrown hairs and splinters.
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An effective blackhead tweezer for pimples and blackheads. Say goodbye to using your fingers to r..
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​A complete tweezer set with 3 tweezers covering all needs. The set includes precision tweezers with..
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An incredibly precise tweezers with a sloping tip from EB® It makes the work of removing even the m..
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An incredibly precise tweezers with an oblique tip from EB® This tweezers removes both ingrown ha..
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Essental Beauty® eyelash tweezers for applying and removing artificial eyelashes. The eyelash twe..
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An incredibly precise tweezers with a sloping tip from EB® It makes the work of removing even the m..
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UNIQ Complete Grooming Kit has every tool you will need for grooming. The kit includes tools to keep..
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Complete Blackhead Remover Kit for removal of blackheads, acne and blemish. Inludes seven comedon..
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This amazing tweezers can be used for the nose, for the eyebrows, the body and even false eyelashes ..