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Nail polish gives you a well-groomed look and gives that extra touch to your outfit. Nail polish is available in many colors and different jars and brands. From glitter to matte and even French manicure, the possibilities are endless. Nail polish not only looks beautiful, but also provides strength and protection to your nails. The only drawback that many people suffer from is letting the nails dry. Often your freshly applied nail polish is ruined by picking up or touching something during the waiting time. Letting your nails dry properly can take a long time, but is super important. Fashiongirl has the ideal solution for you! With a nail dryer, your nails dry super fast and you don't have to wait long for your nails to dry. It saves you a lot of time and it ensures that you have enough time for other things.
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Beautiful nail polish in no time

If you hate waiting for your nails to dry after you've applied a nice nail polish. Then you've come to the right place. Here you'll find a host of nail dryers that can eliminate that annoying wait. A nail dryer is basically a small machine that uses either air or light to dry your nail polish in record time.

Achieve salon results at home

In any nail salon, you're sure to find dryers because they significantly reduce drying time. They are, quite frankly, indispensable if you want to achieve good and fast results. Save money by making beautiful nails at home and avoid broken nail polish when you use a nail dryer.

Regular nail dryers

There are two types of nail dryers. One dries nail polish by blowing air onto the nails, and the other dries nail polish using UV/LED light to harden the polish.

Nail dryers that dry using air can only dry regular nail polish and not gel polish. Gel lacquer dries only using UV/LED lights, as the light causes the lacquer to harden. With a nail dryer that blows air, you can dry your nail polish in no time, so you avoid waiting for ages and accidentally ruining your freshly applied nail polish. You can dry nail polish on both hands and feet with the machines.

UV / LED nail dryer

With a UV/LED lamp you can dry both regular nail polish and gel polish. However, they are made for gel nail polish because the UV light makes the gel nail polish harden and last for several weeks without peeling off. If you use a UV lamp for regular polish, the polish won't last longer, but it will still dry the nail polish quickly. Remember to dry after each coat of gel polish with the lamp so the polish is cured all the way through and you get the best possible result.

Beautiful nails without hassle

Do you love beautiful nails but find it too much of a hassle to apply? Then we have a great selection of artificial nails at cheap prices.
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