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What is an LED Selfie Ring Light, and do ring lights make a difference?

Simply put, a ring light helps achieve better lighting and angles in your photos and videos. At Fashiongirl you will find 7 different ring light models which are either with a stand or to attach to a table or directly to your Android smartphone or Iphone. Many people ask if a ring light actually makes a difference, and here the answer is a definite yes. A ring light contributes to a better angle due to the possibility to attach your Android smartphone or Iphone, and furthermore, all our ring lights are equipped with an adjustable LED light, which gives you the optimal lighting when taking pictures or recording videos.

When should you use a ring light?

The Selfie Ring Light has taken the world by storm and Denmark is no exception. Ring lights have become a very popular accessory that helps you take the best possible pictures and videos. A Selfie Ring Light is a circular LED light that allows you to get the perfect selfie light for when you take selfies, pictures or record videos for instagram, TikTok, YouTube or similar. A ring light is a must for those interested in taking their photos, selfies and videos to the next level. We have LED ring lights in different models and sizes to suit all situations. All our LED selfie ring lights products can be used at home or in the photo studio, and they are suitable for both iPhone and Android.

Selfie Ring Light / ring light for your Iphone or Android smartphone

This is our most popular ring light. Easily connect the selfie light to your phone and take the best pictures of you and your friends both out and about. Now you can say goodbye to photos with poor light quality and hello to professional photos - even in dark environments. Because this ring light is a lot smaller, it fits in your bag so you never miss that perfect shot. Fits all smartphones and is easy to use.

Selfie Ring Light / ring light with stand

A selfie ring light with stand fits just as well in the home as in the photo studio. Need to record a dance for TikTok? Then a selfie ring light with tripod the best choice, because the model is on the floor and can be adjusted to the height you want. Plus, you can place your smartphone in the phone holder in the middle of the ring light so you can focus 100% on your dance. The advantage of a selfie light on a stand is that you avoid shaky videos and blurry pictures because your phone can be fixed in the middle. A plus is also that you can see yourself and the light while filming your TikTok dance, unboxing vlog, instagram post or simply taking great pictures for social media.

Selfie Ring Light / ring light for the table

A selfie ring light for the table is perfect if you want to live stream on instagram or record vlogs. For example, you can record a video while putting on make-up or cooking. Our table models have adjustable brightness with 3 levels, so you can adjust the light according to the situation. This type of ring light is super easy to use. Simply place your phone in the holder and fix your ring light with a clip on the table edge.

Cheap ring lights / ring light for mobile or camera with standIt's no secret that ring lights have become popular all over the world, and this is also true in Denmark. That's why here at Fashiongirl we have gathered a great selection of different ring lights / ring lights at cheap prices. Choose between ring lights on a stand, for the table or to put directly on your smartphone, and buy some of the market's best and cheapest ring lights on offer here at Fashiongirl.
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