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Konjac skin cleansing sponges are for you if you want to offer only the best for your skin. Good facial powder is an important part of maintaining skin cleanliness and glow. Konjac sponges prevent skin impurities and the formation of pimples, cleansing the skin thoroughly and gently. The face is usually the first thing people look at and that is why it is important that the skin looks healthy and well cared for. Konjac skin cleansing sponges are made from the root of the konjac sponge, which contains a lot of vitamins and skin nourishing ingredients. For this reason, Konjac skin cleansing sponges are better for the skin than, for example, cotton swabs. My skin care sponge is made from 100% natural materials. Here you will also find konjac cleansing sponges for the body. Use the fungus to get more beautiful, softer and smoother skin. Buy Konjac sponge now at and feel the difference immediately!

Do you want to remove visible pigmentation or small scars from your face?

Then the Derma roller is the right choice for you. The Derma roller makes microscopically small holes in the skin, allowing the skin to regenerate to a natural firmness.
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"Dermaroller 0.5 mm to the face with needles 540 titanium - with a replaceable head in high quality...
$52 $16
Based on 8 reviews.
The Super popular black mask from Shills Benefits of Shills Black Mask: Removes blackheads ..
$19 $12
Based on 5 reviews.
Blackhead Vacuum Cleanser Hudorme suger
 Functions Blackhead Vacuum Cleanser removes Blackheads, and deeply clean the face For ac..
Based on 7 reviews.
Blackhead Tweezer - Pimple and Blackhead Remover
An effective blackhead tweezer for pimples and blackheads. Say goodbye to using your fingers to r..
Based on 1 reviews.
Smart Ear Cleaner Earpick with 16 additional swivels Cleans your ears the smart way! Just turn the ..
$25 $12
Based on 3 reviews.
Are you tired of pimples and blackheads on your face, back, or anywhere else? The answer to your pro..
$13 $7
Based on 1 reviews.
Blackhead Removal Face Mask 60 ml
With this Blackhead mask cream you can easily, quickly and painlessly remove blackheads & pimple..
Based on 1 reviews.
Tired of blackheads and pimples? With the Blackhead Suction it is possible to easily and painlessly ..
$92 $47
Based on 5 reviews.
No more using your fingers to remove pimples and blackheads. This is because it is unhygienic and in..
$13 $7
Remove pimples and blackheads with this complete set from UNIQ®. Can be used for both women and men...
$39 $18
Based on 3 reviews.
The Black Head Removal Tool is ideal for removing black heads and pimples in a hygenic and easy way!..
$12 $9
$52 $40
$52 $20
Essential Beauty® comedone spear in 100% dermological stainless steel. Comes with 2 ends - one with ..
$17 $13
$35 $27
$12 $9
$35 $27
Practical tool from Essential Beauty® to get rid of blackheads. The blackhead remover is made of sta..
$17 $13
$35 $7
$88 $67
This Jaderulle is originally from China where it has been used for hundreds of years and is still us..
$43 $20
Tired of blackheads and pimples? With the Blackhead Suction it is possible to easily and painlessly ..
$52 $25
Based on 2 reviews.
UNIQ Complete Grooming Kit has every tool you will need for grooming. The kit includes tools to keep..
$27 $19
Charcoal Pore Nose Strips instantly remove blackheads and skin impurities. The nose strips cleanse i..
$8 $7
This professional face roller / beauty massage tool helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and..
$69 $45
Jade roles that can help against wrinkles Gua Sha entering the relaxing facial massage Works ..
$69 $45
Black mask effectively removes blackheads, sebum and dead skin cells and prevents the pores from clo..
$27 $18
Jade Roller Rose Quartz + Guasha Stone | to face
✅ Reduces wrinkles ✅ Reduces tension ✅ Reduces dark circles ✅ Increases blood circulation ✅ Cool..
Beauty 10 sets | Eyelash curler, Dual sharpener, eyeliner, hair clippers, nails, tools, etc.
Perfect gift set for you or someone or for someone you care about. In the package you get 10 essenti..
Classical lice comb - White
Our lice comb in white plastic have tight-fitting teeth that effectively captures the lice and nits ..
Komedeonske with two loops
Perfect tool for blackheads / blackheads The oblong loop may advantageously be used for the whit..
Silicone Skin Care / Facial Brush for Rashing Rowing
Silicone Blackhead Remover is a skin care tool for removing blackheads. The soft silicone end comes ..
Skin XN-8030 Blackhead Vakum
Powerful pore vacuum cleaner can be used on the face directly. Achieve the depths and effectively di..