Hair Scissors


Haircut scissors of good quality at good prices

At Fashiongirl you will find a selection of hairdressing scissors, where we have both the classic all-round hairdressing scissors, as well as a selection of thinning scissors. Our scissors are of good quality and ensure a sharp cut. Our scissors are both for the experienced hairdresser, but are also a good offer for a new start-up who will not pay a fortune for a good pair of scissors. Order your hairdressing scissors online and we will send the same day!


Hairdressing scissors for the home hairdresser!

You can easily cut hair at home without spending a lot of money on a hairdresser. This just requires a little equipment and a little practice. With us you will find hairdressing scissors sets that contain everything you need: an all-round scissors and a so-called effiler scissors. Our popular effiler scissors are thinning scissors that remove 25-30% of the hair. This lightens heavy hair and creates a beautiful lightness in the hair. With our classic all-round cutting shears, you cut with sharpness and leave a sharp edge. The popular thinner scissors, on the other hand, are used when you want structure and play in the hair.
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Types of scissors

Fashiongirl offers various cutting scissors for beginners, home hairdressers and professional hairdressers. Of course every hairdresser needs normal hairdressing scissors, but at Fashiongirl you can also order thinning scissors. Thinning scissors are specially designed to thin the hair. For example, it has one side with a cutting blade and one side with coarse teeth, which gently thins the hair. It is also possible to buy a set of scissors with or without a holder.
Maintaining shears
To maintain the life of your scissors, it is important to maintain them well. This is not a big task, but it will give you much more fun while cutting!

This is how you keep your scissors beautiful for the longest:

  • When you have finished cutting (1 haircut or in the evening if you cut several people in a day) it is important that you wipe your scissors with a dry cloth. In this way you remove all hair residue and care products from your scissors.
  • Of course, flexible scissors cut the best. Your scissors remain flexible by taking care of them with oil. Drizzle a little oil around the screws and scissors once a week. You will see that the scissors retain their flexibility.
  • The screws of the scissors may become loose. Make sure they are always tightened to the correct tightness. Screws that are too loose will make the hair fold and screws that are too tight will make the cut stiff. If your scissors are properly adjusted, we recommend that you do not experiment with the screws!
  • It is recommended to have your scissors sharpened and conditioning once a year at a specialist. It is important that this is done by a skilled person. It makes your scissors want to cut like new.
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