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Make beautiful eyes with eye shadow

One of the basic elements of a beautiful makeup is the eye shadow. You can use it for everyday as well as for parties and make it more or less obvious through colors and quantities. For everyday, you can use a very light color as a base and a slightly darker color to create shape and texture on your eye. For parties, you can use several different colours as well as play with slightly darker shades to make your eye makeup more eye-catching. Add an eyeliner and a lot of mascara and you're ready to party.

Find your new eye shadow palette on fashiongirl

At fashiongirl we have eyeshadow palettes in different sizes and colours. You can find palettes with nude and brown colors for the chic everyday look as well as palettes with hot colors for the party. And if you want to play with all the pretty colours at once, we also have palettes that contain many different colours. That way, you can ensure a beautiful look for your eyes for both everyday and parties.
Find your new eye shadow palette online at fashiongirl.
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