Nail Art


Nail art is art on the nails and can cover a lot of things from simple patterns to big creative projects with glitter, pearls and sequins. Nail is incredibly popular on both hands and feet, but it can be difficult to do yourself if you don't have the right tools.

At Fashiongirl, we've carefully selected a nail art range so you'll find the best tools to start your nail art project on this page. So whether you are a beginner or already an experienced nail art artist, you will always be able to find useful tools to create beautiful nails.

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Make your own pro nail styles with salon Express, all you need is this fantastic nail kit and some n..
$8 $5
Based on 2 reviews.
Create and polish your nail for fantastic results with the popular Salon shaper Get a profession..
$9 $7
Based on 3 reviews.
10 pieces nailtape in different colors. The tape can be used to make special designs on your nails. ..
$8 $7
Based on 1 reviews.
Little finger for applying nail art.  Ideal for practicing your nail art skills. The tape un..
$5 $5
Based on 2 reviews.
Based on 1 reviews.
Tired of boring nails? Do you want to have the most amazing nails ever? Fashiongirl has the perfect ..
$52 $40
Complete beginner Gellak Start set from CLAVIER - Perfect beginner starter set where you get everyth..
$60 $52
Based on 4 reviews.
- 5 Pieces nail art dotting pens, each is end with a large ball and another end with a small ball fo..
$25 $9
Nail Foil neglestickers ensure that your nails will have a unique and exciting look. They are incred..
Point gift box kit with 48 bottles for decoration nail (nail art) Make striking effects with be..
Complete starter kit to make hybrid/gel nails for beginners. Get started easily making your own gel/..
$65 $60
Based on 1 reviews.