Epilator for girls and women

On this page you will find a wide selection of epilators for girls and women. An epilator is a must-have for every girl and woman. An epilator is an ideal alternative to the usual shaving and waxing treatments. With an epilator you can handle most tasks when it comes to unwanted hair growth. Our epilators work for legs, armpits and other places with unwanted hair growth, so with an epilator from Fashiongirl you can easily manage hair removal at home in the bathroom or under the shower. Our range includes epilators in different sizes, so you have one that's perfect for home use, but also one that you can carry in your bag.

Epilator - what is it?

An epilator is an alternative to traditional waxing or shaving. An epilator can be used at home to remove desired hair on the legs, under the arms, in the bikini line and on the face. However, remember to clean the machine before using it on your face. An epilator is a hand-held machine that consists of a nozzle equipped with a set of small "tweezers" that pull out hair right at the roots. This treatment is very similar to a waxing treatment, and therefore it takes longer for the hair to grow out again.

Advantages of using an epilator

An epilator is an effective way to remove unwanted hair growth, as you are sure that the hair will take significantly longer to grow out. As the hair is pulled out at the root, it is not completely painless, but an epilator is significantly more gentle than a waxing treatment, and it is also significantly easier to use. After using an epilator, your hair will be both thinner and softer, unlike the result of shaving.

What should you be aware of when using an epilator?

If this is your first time using an epilator, we recommend that you use it in the evening, as the skin can become a little sore and red. You may want to apply a good cream after treatment to help the skin relax.

For the best results from epilation, we recommend that you let your hair grow out at least 2-3 mm. This way, the hairs have an optimal length, which allows the epilator to better grab them. We recommend that you use your epilator 3-4 days after a traditional shave. It is also a good idea to use a body scrub to cleanse the skin before treatment. This reduces the chance of ingrown hairs and gives you a better result from your epilation.
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