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Breast Enhancers


Silicone bra inserts give instant fullness to your bust

When using bra inserts, you automatically go up a cup size. Your breasts will look bigger and your cleavage will look better too. We carry a wide range of silicone bra inserts in all sizes and shapes - whether you want a little or a lot of fullness, you'll find a bra insert for you. Our bra inserts range from 35 to 90 grams each.
You can get silicone inserts in clear color or natural/skin color. We also carry different shapes of bra silicone inserts - both triangles and the so-called chicken fillets. Whether you choose one bra insert or the other doesn't really matter. They are both comfortable and give you a bigger bust and nicer cleavage.

Silicone bra inserts are a huge hit!

Many people want more fullness but don't want to undergo breast surgery. That's why silicone inserts are the best, cheapest and easiest alternative. Simply insert the silicone insert into your bra or bikini and most people will experience a huge confidence boost. Many of the famous Danish and Hollywood stars such as Charlise Theron and Naya Rivera have stated that they use silicone inserts for a better looking bust. Many Danish girls swear by bra inserts as they don't want to take the plunge into having silicone breasts made, which can often be risky in the long run.

Buy cheap silicone bra inserts at FashionGirl

At FashionGirl we import silicone inserts direct from the factory, which means we can offer much cheaper prices than the competition. Many of our customers choose to buy 2 sizes of bra inserts, so they can switch between the two as needed. Although the prices are small, the bra inserts are incredibly durable if treated properly. After use, wash them with warm water and a little hand soap. If you wash your bra inserts after use, they can last for many years.

Soft and comfortable silicone material

Our silicone inserts are made of 100% silicone of a very high standard. The material feels soft and comfortable against your skin, so you won't experience any discomfort when using it. The material feels very much like a real breast.
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