Trimmers & Shavers

#floorAre you looking for a device for unwanted hair? You are in the right place. Here you will find trimmers that remove even the most irritating hair. We all dream of soft and smooth skin, this can only be achieved with the right equipment. With the right device, you can avoid irritated skin and hair follicle infections, which often occur with other hair removal methods. Achieving soft and smooth skin has never been so easy.
Below you will find our selection of razors and trimmers.
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The 5-in-1 Precision Trimmer is very suitable for soft and precise hair removal. The trimmer can be ..
$25 $21
Based on 3 reviews.
Remove unwanted hair efficient and easily with this Micro Epilator hair trimmer. Benefits: Sm..
$19 $9
Luxury 4 in 1 barber set for men, consisting of delicious kabuki shaving cream, classic scraper w /,..
$52 $25
Gemei 3-in-1 Nose And Ear Trimmer, can cope with any unwanted hair growth on the face. With small he..
$39 $33
Based on 1 reviews.
​Get rid of unwanted hair fluid easily and quickly. The Gemei GM-3002 nose hair trimmer + hair trimm..
$25 $20
Based on 1 reviews.
Get a nice smooth shave with this lady shaver from Gemei®. A practical and gentle lady shaver that c..
$39 $25
Epistick epilator | Hair Remover small hairs and down in the face
A fantastic product that removes unwanted hair at the roots quickly and easily. The product is speci..
Micro Touch Max Nose, Ear and Body Trimmer
Trim your nose hair, ear hair and eyebrows and bakkebarter and body; This multifunctional trimmer is..