Blush & Bronzer


Highlight your cheekbones with blush and bronzer

Blush and bronzer are an essential part of your beauty routine. Once you've created a good foundation with foundation and powder, your blush and bronzer will help you highlight your cheekbones, giving your makeup and face more shape.

How to use blush and bronzer

The blush is applied to your apple cheeks, while the bronzer is placed in the hollows under your cheekbones. Start by making a big smile to highlight your apple cheeks. Put your blush from the top down on the bottom of your apple cheeks. If you like, use a large kabuki brush to blend out the blush.
Then make a funnel mouth to reveal the hollows under your cheekbones. Here, apply a thin line of bronzer, which is then blended out with a makeup sponge or a large kabuki brush. Buy your blush and bronzer online at fashiongirl.
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