Lipstick for both everyday and party

Lipstick is great for both everyday and party and can be an important part of your beauty routine. For everyday, it can upgrade your makeup from neutral to delicious in an instant.

If you wear lipstick on a daily basis, you do not need more than a basic makeup with foundation, blush, eyebrows and lashes. If you use the lipstick for a party, you can instead use a little more color on the eyes, so that your look becomes more distinctive and eye-catching.

How to apply the perfect lipstick

If you are going to put on a lipstick that lasts, start with a primer. It adds moisture to your lips and extends the durability of your lipstick by several hours. Then draw your lips with a lipstick the same color as your lipstick.

If you want a little fuller lips, you can draw the line a little beyond your natural lips. Finally, put the lipstick on inside the frame and your lips will look beautiful and full. Buy your lipstick online at fashiongirl.
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