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Do you also dream of bright white teeth? 

Good-looking teeth are very important. They can be seen when we smile, talk, sing, basically during all social activities. Brilliant teeth are important for a first impression. With Fashiongirl's oral hygiene products, the options for whitening and caring for your teeth are vast and inexpensive. For a super white result you can choose to brush your teeth with black charcoal powder or whiten your teeth with teeth whitening kits or pens. Fashiongirls offers cheap and fast solutions at home compared to a treatment at a specialist. Fashiongirls also offers different tools to take care of your teeth: dental tools, electric toothbrushes + attachments and durable toothbrushes. 

When you use a teeth whitening set or kit from Fashiongirl, you are guaranteed a good result. You get everything you need for a beautiful smile.

Why do teeth become discoloured?

There are many reasons for the discoloration of your teeth. For example, coffee, carbon dioxide, smoking and red wine cause a yellow glow over your teeth. The substances from these foods penetrate deep into the teeth and cause permanent discoloration. Only the chemical process of teeth whitening can reduce and remove the discoloration. The teeth whitening sets of Fashiongirl guarantee a difference at a super low price. You do not need to visit a dentist or dental hygienist and can easily use the kits at home. 

How do I use teeth whitening products?

It is important that you read the manual of the bleaching product carefully. It is also important to repeat treatments to improve and maintain the results. If you suffer from sensitive teeth, paresthesia or exposed teeth, teeth whitening products are not recommended. You should also bear in mind that crowns (plastic or porcelain) cannot be bleached. 

The result after tooth bleaching
After using one of Fashiongirl's teeth whitening products you often notice rapid results. Your teeth can become 10 times whiter; this naturally varies from person to person and also depends on the quality and structure of the teeth.
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