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At Fashiongirl you can find all the best and most necessary accessories in the makeup world. We specialize in finding the most popular makeup and accessories at affordable prices. On this site you can find makeup from W7, makeup sponges, makeup brushes, eyebrow templates and much more. Why overspend on your makeup accessories when you can find them cheap right here on Fashingirl?  

We also have a selection of makeup brushes that will satisfy anyone with a penchant for putting on a great makeup look. Always wondering why your makeup doesn't turn out pretty? Then it might be because you don't have the right makeup brushes. After all, that's one of the most important things when it comes to applying a great makeup.
Here at Fashiongirl you will always find the best brushes, at cheap prices.

The makeup craze has rolled over Europe like wildfire, and with good reason.

Makeup sponges are incredibly good for laying an even foundation with, so that your skin will look completely spotless! Have you always wondered how models and celebrities have flawless photoshopped skin? Many times they have perfectly normal skin, like most people. The secret is just that they probably had makeup applied with a makeup sponge. If you believe in miracles, then the makeup sponge is probably one of them. Try it and you'll never use anything else when applying foundation.
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MeNow Eyebrow Powder Kit Perfect for filling in and shaping the eyebrows Apply a light coat with th..
$19 $9
Smart foundation from MeNow Fantastic foundation with 4 colors Soft structure that is easy to dazzl..
$28 $14
The curved brush lifts every little lash hair - completely without the use of eyelash curls. The las..
$19 $9
MeNow Blusher is a fresh pink blush that gives more life to the face. The included application brush..
$19 $9
Define your facial structure like a professional with a contour cream palette from the MeNow Pro Sma..
$37 $19
$17 $13
$17 $13
$25 $20
$17 $13
MeNow Perfecting Loose Powder is a wonderful silky soft powder that gives the skin a good matte fini..
$56 $28
If you enjoy applying makeup, then this makeup set is perfect for you! The set includes everything f..
$86 $65
This make-up kit includes everything you need for a successful and varied make-up applying for a che..
$61 $52
Perfect all-in-one cosmetics / makeup kit includes makeup for eyes, lips and face. This make-up s..
$69 $36
With more than 78 colors of eye shadows, lip glosses and blushers this Multipurpose perfect to achie..
$35 $27