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Hairdressing products

#floor At Fashiongirl you will find everything you need to make your own hair salon at home. Our professional hairdresser scissors are of very good quality which is crucial to make a good haircut. Use a comb to separate your hair into sections for a smooth and even cut.

You can save a lot of money by cutting your own hair and with your own scissors you can cut your hair anytime you want.  By cutting your hair often you’ll prevent split ends and keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful. Your hair will love you for it.

If you want to make your at-home hair color look like a professional salon job you’ll need a hair coloring tool kit including a color application brush and a color mixing bowl. You’ll also need a hairdressing cape to protect your clothing when using in hair dye.

 At Fashiongirl24.com we also carry shaving brushes and razors to make a professional shave.
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2 professional luxury quality steel hair scissors. The set consists of 1 pair of hair scissors and 1..
$52 $27
Based on 9 reviews.
Reusable cap for easy setting of beautiful and precise high- or lowlights! The cap is reusable and ..
$35 $27
Super absorbent towels with microfiber for the hair. The Turban Twist towel has a unique fit that en..
$15 $7
Based on 1 reviews.
The Kapmantel Classic button has a sleek and classic design. The black colour creates a chic look. W..
$37 $19
Based on 3 reviews.
Lovely professional hair color set. Ideal for hair coloring, bleaching and hair treatment. The packa..
$19 $13
Luxury 4 in 1 barber set for men, consisting of delicious kabuki shaving cream, classic scraper w /,..
$52 $25
Professional Salon Hair Cutting Shears are perfect for haircuts! These hair dressing scissors are ma..
$39 $25
Based on 2 reviews.
Nice, high-quality hair styling cape in children's size The hairdressing cape is waterproof E..
$28 $14
The perfect spray bottle for home and amateur hairdressers! Advantages: Handy spray bottle wi..
$17 $13
$32 $24
This thinner effiler shears has 26 teeth for thinning. The scissors are ergomically designed and fit..
Thinner Scissors high quality. This diluent efffilersaks has 26 teeth thinning. The scissors are erg..
Thinner Scissors high quality. This diluent efffilersaks has 26 teeth thinning. Saken is ergomoisk d..