Highlight & Contouring


Shape your face with highlight and contouring

With highlight and contouring, you can shape your face the way you want. Use the dark colours to create shadow and make your facial features appear smaller or different.

Use the lighter colours where you want to highlight, to make your face appear more contoured. Using them together can give a really nice effect while looking natural. Line your face with highlighter and contouring; use a contour brush if necessary. Blend the colours with a makeup sponge and finish with loose powder.

Find your new contour palette on fashiongirl

At fashiongirl we sell both highlighter and contouring. You can either get it separately or in the form of a contouring palette or a contour kit where there are several different colours.

If you need extra highlighting during the day, we also have handy little sticks that can easily fit in your handbag. Whether you're looking for a palette or a stick, you can buy your makeup online at fashiongirl.
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