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Hair Bun Sponge - Blond - 22 cm

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Hair Bun Sponge - Blond - 22 cm

For a great-looking, dolly-style hair bun that's so quick and easy to style, be sure to try out this Hair Bun Styler.
The Hair Bun Styler possesses all the speed and convenience of our Hair Bun Roller whilst forming a fuller, more voluminous bun like that produced with our hair donut. What's more, it comes in two sizes so you can create a bun to your almost exact size specifications.

Size - 22cm x 5cm

Made from flexible metal covered in the softest black foam, the Hair Bun Styler is easily manipulated into forming a great-looking bun in a matter of minutes. Once styled correctly in the hair, the bun styler should not be visible.

How to use:

Step 1 (as pictured)

Gather you hair into a ponytail high on the top of your head. If your hair consists of many different layer lengths, secure your ponytail with a hair elastic band or polyband. This will not been seen once your bun has been styled successfully.
Pull your ponytail through the gap in the middle of the Hair Bun Styler.
Firmly grasping each end of the Hair Bun Styler, drag the Hair Bun Styler towards the ends of your ponytail.
Firmly holding each end of the Hair Bun Styler, roll the styler downwards. Continue to roll downwards until the styler is as close to the head as possible. Tip: the closer you roll to your head, the more firm and secure your bun will be.

Step 2 (as pictured)
Bend both ends of the Hair Bun Styler towards each other, creating a circular shape. Continue until the ends meet each other, or for a tighter hold, continue until they cross each other.
Finally, gently tease your hair around the styler where the two ends have met.
Done correctly, the Hair Bun Styler should now be concealed in your hair.

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